Maybe I just needed a new perspective –like the famed Hanged Man of tarot –committed to some deep, internal need,I willed a horizontal shift; landed with intent. Maybe it is not my legs that are disabled,but a soul longing to escape the continualdiscord of perpetual motion, a never-endingto-do list of the success-driven persona. Maybe there […]


Books of the week.

Hello friends. Have you gotten any book this week or month? No? Then it is not late to walk into tye nearest bookstore or to order one online. Meanwhile, this week, I will be presenting to you two books with one word in common. Drummer.

The first book of the week is Oma the Drummer Queen.

Written by Salamatu Sule, it is about a girl called Oma who inherited a drum that was mystically given to her dad and which brought great fortune to him. It tells the story of how she struggled to change the perception of seeing drumming as something that only boys could do and how she eventually became the best drummer in her town and even cured the king’s sickness with her drumming skills. If you want to know how she achieved this, then you got to read the book.

Our second book this week is The Drummer Boy.

Written by one of the great authors that I really love, Cyprian Ekwensi.

The book is about Akin, a blind but very talented boy whose drumming skills wowed all who heard him play. Akin moved from place to place with his drum and in search of something that he believes will bring him happiness. Did he eventually find what he was looking for? Pick up this book and read together with your kids.

Read a book to your kids today and while you do so, remember to read one for yourself too.


Did you know

Fun facts.

Hello! It is time for fun facts. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Did you know that you can’t stand on a cloud.

Why? If you tried to stand on a cloud you would fall right through it?

That would be one great fall and you are no Peter Pan. 😊

Did you know that the Aardvark can dig very fast?

How? To escape from predators and its enemies Aardvarks can burrow at lightning speed with its formidable claws

Did you know that Aardwolfs  have very large stomachs?

Aardwolfs are  night feeders and their stomach can contain up to forty thousand (40,000) Termites

Now you know! See you next time.

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Happy new year and a book.

Welcome dear friends to 2022. I know it is a bit difficult sticking with a blog especially when posts are not consistent. So firstly, I want to thank all who have been here either reading through or by simply liking any of the previous post. Thank you so, so much. You are far too kind.

Also, I would love to hear from you all. A little line in the comment section will go a long way. The feed back sometmes is all the motivation a blogger needs. I hope you agree with me on this.

Lastly, we resume from our long hiatus with a book for this week.

Written by Alice B. McGinty and illustratrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin. It is a very interesting picture book that can be read to kids and can also be enjoyed by the person reading it to them. One can feel the love between the people in the story and their love and appreciation for nature and her gifts. Looking for a new book to add to your children’s library as we begin the year? Thank You World is a good one to begin with.

Until next week when I bring a new book your way, take care and be kind to others. Remember, I will love to hear from you. See you soon.


Book of the week.

Today, we shall be exploring two books and we are delighted to do so.

Our first book of the week is Tigger’s Moving Day.  Written by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld and illustrated by Robbin Cuddy.

One day, Tigger who loves bouncing on his tail and full from the breakfast he had just eaten decided to have his morning bounce. But he bumped into the cupboard and his toys came crashing down. So Rabbit advised him to get a bigger house because his house seems to have become too small for him. Rabbit organized the others and by the end of the day they had found a big new house for Tigger. Gradually, they helped Tigger moved his things. They parked his things into boxes and carried it to the new house. Everyone helped.

Rabbit packed the dishes.

Kanga packed Tigger’s clothes

Pooh and Piglet Packed Tigger’s food

Eeyore brought his cart to carry the things

Christopher Robin and Owl helped to put the things onto the cart

Eeyore pulled the cart to Tigger’s new big house.

After they have helped Tigger move and when they have all gone back to their various houses, Tigger began to miss everyone especially Kanga and Roo. He missed Roo more because they usually bounced together. But he didn’t have to miss them for long because they were back soon to have fun with him. And they came with housewarming presents too.


 Our second book of the week is Good Night, Gorilla. Written and illustrated by Peggy Rathman

When the Zookeeper closed for work on this particular night, he was very sure that all the cages and nest were firmly locked. Little did he know that as he walked past the Gorilla’s cage, that the Gorilla, stretched out his hand and collected the bunch of keys. One by one, the gorilla opened the cages of the animals and they all lined up and followed behind the Zookeeper right into his bedroom. When he said goodnight to his wife, and she replied, she was surprised to hear other different voices saying goodnight too. So she turned on the light and saw almost all the zoo animals in their bedroom. She stood up and one by one, she returned each of them to their cages and made sure the locks were properly shut. But the Little Gorilla still followed her back to the bedroom and was really excited that the zookeepers wife did not notice him the second time. He slept in the middle of the bed right next to the Mouse who was also looking for some coziness.